PEA grade Calcium Carbide

This is top quality USA made Calcium Carbide the size of pea gravel. Click on the technical info button at the bottom of the page for more info. Each container is filled with dry nitrogen to keep the carbide from spoiling, and help during shipping. Bottles are sealed with a band, and cans have lid keeper clips installed to make sure the containers do not open during shipping. PEA grade is also commonly called MINER'S grade and LAMP grade. PEA grade is the consistency of pea gravel, and is commonly used where a slower release of acetylene gas is needed, such as in miner's lamps, or other small acetylene lamps, pineapple growing, mole and rodent control, sight smokers for sharp shooters. Common science demonstrations like fire on ice, or ice on fire, self carving pumpkin use this grade.