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Calcium Carbide is a man made chemical, that when mixed with water, releases a highly combustible and explosive gas, commonly called acetylene gas. If you need carbide for a toy carbide cannon, a vintage lamp, or a sight smoker, just to name a few uses, then you have come to the right place to purchase Calcium Carbide.

We sell the finest USA made calcium carbide, available in three grades:
1. 14ND which is the consistency of ground coffee, and is typical used in toy or model cannons.
2. Miner's or lamp grade which is the consistency of pea gravel, and is used in carbide lamps, and sight smokers.
3. Nut grade which is larger yet in size, and can be as large as 1 1/4" diameter rocks. This grade can be used in larger lamps, and agricultural use such as pineapple growing. This is what used to be sold for miner's lamps many decades ago.


We sell two lines of cannons. The first is a well established line of cast iron cannons from the Conestoga cannon company, called Big Bang cannons. We are a dealer for these cannons, and can sell these to you at a much reduced cost from normal retail pricing.
The second is our own line of breech loading cannons called BOOMER CANNONS. These cannons give you more bang for your buck over the Big Bang cannons.


Big Boomer cannons, and ignitors are back in stock.


You do not need a Paypal account to order. Paypal runs your credit card just like anywhere else. You also have the option to pay by check or money order when you go through the checkout process. If you have trouble using the checkout, or do not wish to use the checkout, then you may call us, and we will take your order over the phone. Call us at 702-294-6589, and leave your telephone number, we will call you back shortly.





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